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We creatively design effective Internet marketing campaigns across all social media through (a) smart branding strategies, (b) engaging and interesting social messaging, and © high-trust community building. We understand how important User Interfaces must be, as well as how to build them – look, feel, and functionality are keys to success. Our goal is to enable our clients to connect solidly with their fans and customers.

I grew up in a small town in western Kentucky (Sturgis), working at my father's drugstore's soda fountain. I value the context of all relationships, and know how important that context is when connecting a real unique person with a business. I believe that it's important for a customer (I like this term much better than "consumer") to make a relevant connection with a business and that business' people - this is what we try to do in all of our marketing, design, and technology offerings for our customers, too. Being in that drugstore fountain conversation is a great goal for our customers to have with their customers.

I am a lawyer by training, an entrepreneur in spirit, and a promoter at heart. I oversee all of Digome's marketing, sales, strategic partnerships, and business in general. My previous company was CaseLogistix, which we sold in 2007 - now owned by Thomson Reuters. CaseLogistix is an extremely complex software application that allows law firms to collect, organize, annotate, and make sense of millions of electronic documents in the "e-discovery" universe.

With a passion for sports (a love of the game), my vision for Digome is to deliver the very best digital strategies, digital architecture, smart marketing, response advertising, and social context for businesses who want to reach their customers on the Web. I like to hang out with family and friends, play golf in the late afternoon, or sit back trying to recapture a little of the glory of Union County (KY) High School basketball and baseball. I love the conversation in a small-town kind of way.

Brice is THE in-house Poylmath, our CTO or your "virtual CTO".. He is the king of those really long mathematical equations that you must have if you want to do anything really sophisticated on the Web. Brice also keeps up with the best-in-breed technologies for a nice custom fit with his home brewed specialties. He can build anything (including a car, sorta), and he is an incredibly gifted digital technology strategist. Brice is always thinking ahead, looking for the right mixture of interactive technology, data mining tools, and glitterati for all of our clients. He loves all things CHICAGO, yes Da Bears, and can handicap the thoroughbreds like nobody's business.

Tim is our versatile Creative Director, who joined us when he moved to Music City from San Francisco. Tim is the go-to-guy for graphic design, user experience, and market positioning. Not only will he make your dot com look and feel spectacularly fabulous, his strategies will increase your unique visitors, page views, and revenue. Also, you might even get a crazy story about his family or friends. (When asked about his iPad, he describes it as a sexy librarian.) He was educated at an arts-loving private colleges and has been designing all sorts of stuff for more than a decade. He is that rare creative person, who is an artist (yes, he paints, too). He loves sports, the arts, the great things in life, and his work reflects a keen eye on how to deliver that "just right" look. Tim will help you extract your ideas and bring them into the digital age, capturing just that right look and feel that makes your constituency grab your uniqueness. You are sure to get the best looking website or interactive feature you can imagine, and be the envy of all your friends. He knows how to make consumers REACT.

Other interesting tidbits about Tim from his facebook page:

his favorite thing: chocolate souffle

his dream last night: ended with a twist I never saw coming!

his favorite drink: the mocha (the starbucks employees know me on a first name basis) All I have to do is say hi and pay.

where do you want to be in 6 years ?: maybe a dictator of a small south american country

muffins ?: hell yes

Did you know that the "H" in HTML stands for Hunter? Hunter, an html fiend, is a local guy who tried not to be, but he is back! After spending his early career in the sports world, most recently a World Series Champion season with the San Francisco Giants where he was the key component in the magical season, he decided it was time to go with his creative side.

Sr. Designer is his suave title, but he really helps out with everything, especially our clients. Most of his time is spent helping clients realize what content they have and make that content pop on the Web. He is the young buck who understands the power of social media because, well, he grew up with it and he knows them intuitively. He has the special talent to straddle the border of creative / development / and client management. His ability to translate between the three parties is magnificent. Hunter epitomizes versatility in all things digital.

In his spare time, he runs two design shops. Prinstant Replays - the most famous plays in sports history, on shirts and posters, and The Hood Shop - Nashville themed prints and shirts.

See if you can find him in this video.

Our Clients

  • G360 Surveys
  • TW Frierson Contractor, Inc.
  • Leitner Williams Dooley Napolitan PLLC
  • Revenue Source Group
  • cicayda
  • K9 Contenders
  • Williamson Weekly
  • WinStar Farm
  • Soulsville Stax Museum
  • Campbell & Associates
  • IMG World
  • Lanes End Farm
  • Oasis Center
  • Paulick Report
  • Texas Fooball


  • Our Philosophy

    We creatively design effective Internet marketing campaigns across all social media through (a) smart branding strategies, (b) engaging and interesting social messaging, and © high-trust community building. We understand how important User Interfaces must be, as well as how to build them – look, feel, and functionality are keys to success. Our goal is to enable our clients to connect solidly with their fans and customers.

    Our marketing emphasis is to make sure that your message connects – that your brand delivers. With the right mix of customized digital strategy and design, we give your web and social media presence relevance, newness, and even a bit of wonder, with an end point of more revenue for you. We believe that social media and web sites must be interactive, interesting, fun, and easy for the consumer. We can maximize your place on the web with games, polls, contests, unique content offerings, VIP events, promos, and experience packages.

    Do you want to build your facebook “Likes” as well as give your facebook community a way to engage with you meaningfully? We can do it. Need some effective tweeting? Let us show you how to build a twitter community that helps you. Want to leverage the blogosphere via tumblr? We believe you must. Need more revenue? We will make your digital presence drive your revenue. Do you need a “virtual CTO” for a project or just for consulting? We have the best problem solver outside the Silicon Valley.

    Digome is loosely translated from the Spanish idiom meaning “Tell Me”.

  • Our Process

    We deliver all the necessary services for a lively and lovely “dot com” and social media presence. We start first with mapping your overall digital strategy. We closely examine your branding, learn your business, identify your challenges, analyze the state of your online presence, see who your competition is, and craft the very best strategies for your new digital strategy.

    You may want an entirely new website, or just add-on some really cool pieces like a contest or an interactive feature. We will give you a fresh, new, interesting look online. We will tightly integrate your offerings with facebook, twitter, foursquare, and all the latest in social media. We will stretch you to all parts of the Internet, and increase your Web traffic, your Likes, your followers, and your revenue.

    Ala carte or all-in, we can create an entire website, or craft specialty pieces for you. Social media is a snap for us whether it means a custom YouTube channel, a snazzy tumblr blog, a twitter tweeting strategy, or a facebook plan that engages your community. Our creative team studies you to know who you are, what you want to do, and what your “voice” needs to be online. It’s that right balance of look, feel, branding, and packaging, with a large dose of marketing and a smart dose of technology. Your goals are our goals. Through our efforts, we will see you maximize your community, your audience, your customers . . . and generate revenue! It is all in the design.

  • Our Report Card

    We are a small boutique company, so we select our clients wisely and carefully.

    We are nimble, responsive, creative, and result-oriented.

    Our results speak for themselves . . .

    Assisted college basketball coach from 0 to 1,000,000+ followers on twitter and 400,000+ likes on facebook;

    Moved a professional golfer from less than 50,000 to 210,000+ facebook likes;

    Started a thoroughbred racing farm’s facebook, moving it quickly to the #1 position among all thoroughbred farms, now exceeding 10,500 facebook likes;

    Increased a sports news dot com’s ad revenue by more than 50% in 7 months;

    Assisted print magazine in exceeding 15,000 facebook likes and 2,000 twitter followers;

    Helped an NBA player exceed 2,500,000 likes on facebook (third among NBA players);

    Moved a music hall of fame over 20,000 facebook likes and 2,000 twitter followers;

    Created facebook page for major thoroughbred stallion farm that now enjoys 3,000 facebook likes;

    Rebuilt and refreshed websites for many clients, enhancing their Internet presence;

    Established fresh approaches to social media, online marketing, and product positioning.

  • Think

    Who is your Community? Whom are you trying to reach? Who is trying to reach you?

    How do you want to grow your Community?

    What do you want your Community to do?

    To connect with your Community: What are the central messages and why? What are less important connecting points? What can you do for them?

    Who (or what) is the face of your organization?

    How often do you message your Community?

    Do you engage your Community?

    What can your Community do for you? How do you mobilize them to do those things?

  • Do

    Digome is here to help you Do what you must Do.

    We will set up or pep up all your social media essentials.

    We will help you brand your organization and your message, or simply make it more effective across all social media.

    We will collaboratively develop your social media messaging and strategies, and help you execute them in a sensible and manageable manner.

    We will make all of your social media essentials work together as one.

    We will help you exceed your Community-building goals, and your revenue goals.

    We will do all this on your budget.




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