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Digomé Legal Marketing Launched to help Law Firms Improve Branding, Social Media and Digital Marketing Presence

Nashville, TN – August 21, 2012 – Digomé, a boutique digital strategies and interactive marketing firm, today introduced Digomé Legal Marketing, its full service legal marketing group delivering social media, digital marketing, web strategies, and traditional mainstream media such as TV, radio, and print to its law firm clientele. The Nashville-based company is lead by veteran trial lawyer and long time legal technology entrepreneur Roe Frazer.

“I am a lawyer who understands legal marketing and has been incorporating it into my firm and business for the past 25 years,” stated Roe Frazer, managing executive, Digomé. Digomé Legal Marketing gives lawyers and their firm access to a team of professionals who are expert in leveraging social media, digital marketing, web strategies, as well as traditional broadcast media – all areas that your typical lawyer does not excel at or even care about.”

“Based on Digomé’s initial success and our long term belief in the power of integrated marketing, we hope to leverage our new legal marketing offerings to not only share marketing successes and knowledge with other lawyers and law firms, but most importantly give them sure-fire ways of keeping existing clients and pulling in new business,” concluded Frazer.

Digomé Legal Marketing takes a 360 degree individualized approach to each law firm’s marketing effort, tailoring messaging and branding for maximum reach and impact. The marketing group focuses on the following areas:

• Websites as the centerpiece of all digital and social media strategy;
• Branding law firms with a visually appealing smart and fresh look, making them far more consumer or client friendly;
• Creating a “thank you” presence for your law firm in social media;
• Promoting your law firm with sharp and contemporary imagery wrapped around a message that solidly connects with your clientele;
• Digomé Legal App for law firms wanting to brand themselves to clients and prospective clients, giving them the best in reach and a technology forward image.

Clair Campbell, founder and managing partner, of Charlotte-based Campbell & Associates explains how Digomé‘s approach was exactly what her litigation firm needed: “Even though our law firm had a prominent presence in TV and digital media, we were in need of a fresh look as well as new direction. With Digomé Legal Marketing, we have hit a grand slam. Our TV commercials are incredibly effective and tasteful. Our website now benefits from comprehensive video to give our clients a truly comprehensive view of what we do and who we are. And, our social media efforts are revamped and extremely effective. Digomé‘s unique approach has resulted in a significant increase in our call volume and almost everyone in Charlotte knows who we are thanks to highly effective branding efforts.”

One unique advantage law firms get with Digomé Legal Marketing is the ability to have their own mobile App in both the Apple and Android stores for easy download by their clients. The Digomé Legal App, first introduced at ABA TECHSHOW in March as Barrister App, provides:

• The ability for firms to own, brand, and promote their own applications and make them available to clients and prospects and further internal promotion within the firm;
• Streamlined communication and notification ability with clients who in turn know what the firm is doing when, who to contact and where to find them;
• Major cost, time and general resource savings versus developing custom applications.

Mazyar Hedayat, President of M. Hedayat & Associates, P.C., and author of the very popular legal blog, PracticeHacker, loves the branding aspect that his firm instantly received with the Digomé Legal App: “I have to admit that it was drop-dead easy to use the app, and that’s how I like it.”

For more information on Digomé Legal Marketing and the Digomé Legal App, please go to or visit the Digome booth (#133) at ILTA 2012, August 26-30 in Washington, DC.

About Digomé
A nimble design, marketing, social, advertising, and technology development partner, Digomé creatively crafts effective traditional and Web marketing campaigns across all digital and social media, while branding, building community, and providing a beautifully designed array of dynamic and interactive offerings for professionals, sports, music, entertainment, and business. Combining social marketing with the best of breed in digital technology, we assist our clients in connecting solidly with their customers. We are your digital strategies partner, with a heavy emphasis on using social media creatively to forge relationships that have authentic context and meaning.



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