All News ILTA 2012 Review

The Digome Legal Marketing team, ILTA rookies, voyaged east last week to introduce our marketing talents and the Digome Legal App at ILTA 2012. We brought along a new employee, and he quickly became the most popular member of our staff, some would even say the whole event. Known as “The Most Interesting Man in the World,” he enjoyed a lot of photo opps with ILTA attendees, making the Digome koozie very ubiquitous on the social web.

This was not the only famous face that we would encounter on this trip. On a night in Baltimore, as the train doors opened, there was Michael Phelps. Arguably the all-time greatest Olympian ever, Michael greeted us on our way to the Orioles game. As Nashvillians, we had to include a music celebrity as well. Kelly Osbourne, Ozzy’s daughter, accompanied us on our flight home. Oh, and our CEO yelled at TBS’ Ernie Johnson on the walking escalator.

celeb sightings

As for the ILTA conference itself, we thoroughly enjoyed our time on the floor. Most all of the exhibitors and attendees came by on the first evening, to see our booth, not to play the shoot-em-up game across the way. The koozies seemed to be a hit, and we’d like to thank the sweet lady at our nearest pop up bar for placing them on each and every drink. As first time exhibitors, we felt a warm welcome from the ILTA staff, and a genuine interest from attendees as we shared with them our specialties and talents. We kept looking for Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute, and we think we may have caught a brief glimpse of them.

When we say talents, we are not only speaking of our talents in Marketing, Branding, Web, Social, Media, Advertising, etc. On Tuesday night, two of our team members extended our skill set into the performing world, with spot-on renditions of “ABC”, and “Push It” at the Public House in National Harbor. The crowd laughed more than they clapped, so we count it as a big entertainment win.

To say we took advantage of being next to the Potomac River and Atlantic Ocean would be an understatement. Just to make sure it all tasted ok, we sampled fresh Atlantic Cod, Atlantic Grouper, Crab, Shrimp, Swordfish, and Flounder. Our CEO reprised as a boat captain as he guided us up the Potomac, like a modern day George Washington. Airplanes seemed to scrape the top of our boat as they landed at JFK, and we got a nice up-close view of the Washington Monument.


It was great meeting all of you, but here are a few that stood out:

R.P. Smith from Jones Walker in New Orleans was an avid Alabama Crimson Tide fan who just happens to be an e-discovery specialist. He makes the Tide Roll in a lawyerly way!

David Bender from Adams and Reese in our hometown of Nashville, TN. He just might have been the friendliest chief information officer that we came across.

Lesley Kenney the Director of New Business Development at Savvy Training and Consulting was just as savvy as her company title reflects. We enjoyed speaking with her and bouncing around ideas.

The law firm of Nelson Mullins had a huge presence at ILTA and each person we spoke to was as personable and sharp as the next. We loved talking to them and hope they will be our next Digome Legal partner.

ILTA 2012 was a lot of fun work for us. We cannot wait for next year, but plan to assist in the Cicayda invasion of New York City at NY Legal Tech in early 2013.




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